An invitation to the 19th hole for George Monbiot | Brief letters


George Monbiot (Lockdown is nothing new. We’ve been kept off the land for centuries, 22 April) is clearly not a golfer. Wimbledon Park golf course, shown in the photograph published with his article, was recently sold to the organisers of the Wimbledon tennis championship. In any event, there is plenty of open space in south-west London for all to enjoy, so why not leave us old buffers alone? Perhaps a chat at the 19th when my club reopens might be helpful.
Rodney Milne-Day
Barnes, London

o I agree, golf courses should be reopened (Letters, 22 April), but only to the members who pay thousands per year to keep them maintained to a high standard.
Darren Grice
Anlaby, East Yorkshire

o One benefit of the coronavirus-enforced format of prime minister’s questions, with questions asked remotely, was immediately apparent – no jeering and baying. Clearly, those guilty of this puerile practice require the proximity of like-minded colleagues.
Cherry Weston

o Three months ago Dominic Cummings wrote a blogpost about “hiring data scientists, project managers, policy experts, assorted weirdos”. It is beginning to look as if the assorted weirdos are now in place. But whatever happened to the data scientists, project managers and policy experts?
Ivor Morgan

o I don’t mind the constant attendance of the robins in the garden (Letters , 21 April). It’s when I find them in the bedroom that I get a bit worried.
Jan Church


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