The ABC must be relevant to all – but that doesn’t mean telling people what they want to hear | Jonathan Holmes


Being told they pay too much attention to concerns of ‘inner-city leftwing elites’ by their own boss was bound to shock ABC journalists

If there’s one phrase likely to raise the hackles of ABC journalists, it is “inner-city leftwing elites”. They hear it all the time from their most dogged denigrators. According to the Chris Kennys and Andrew Bolts in the Murdoch press, and the Eric Abetzes and Barnaby Joyces in the Coalition ranks, ABC journos are themselves members of the inner-city elite, and share its preoccupations and biases on a host of topics – in favour of action on climate change, in favour of same-sex marriage, against tough policies to deter boat people, and so on.

The very word “elite”, used as a pejorative, has become a cliche of the culture wars in Australia, as in the US.

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