Australia’s electric vehicle policy steers us to a future based on fossil fuels. It needs to be dumped | Simon Holmes à Court


Australia is way behind on vehicle electrification, but there are solutions to help us catch up

Angus Taylor, the minister for emissions reduction, isn’t a stranger to dodgy numbers (just ask Clover Moore), and his latest work, the Future Fuels Strategy, demonstrates his disdain for actually lowering emissions.

The strategy paper misleadingly claims that hybrid vehicles are cleaner than electric vehicles by looking at just the years 2021-25. EVs bought now will enjoy cleaner power with every solar panel and wind turbine connected to the grid. Over a 10-to-15-year life, EVs have notably lower emissions than hybrids, and that’s ignoring the fact that many EV owners charge with solar and all the major fast charge operators use 100% renewable energy – local energy, instead of imported oil.

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