We’re on the hunt for young nature lovers – do you know any?


The Guardian is launching a new series called Young Country Diary, and we need your help finding writers

Do you know a nature-loving young person? Someone who loves to point out a twittering bird or pick up a passing bug? Because we at the Guardian are looking for some young people to write about nature, for a new series called the Young Country Diary. Interested? Read on …

The Country Diary is a column that appears in the Guardian every day, and is written by our team of “diarists” who live all over the UK. Each article is about an encounter they had with nature: what they saw, what they heard, what happened. And it’s not all about animals – we’re just as interested in trees and meadows as blackbirds and bees. The Country Diary has been going for 115 years, making it the oldest newspaper column in the world.

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