Where will I fill up? My week driving Toyota’s hydrogen car in locked down Melbourne


The Mirai is a sleek and silent ride but somewhat inconvenient when the only refuelling station in the state was behind a locked security gate

As long as you live near a refuelling station, driving a hydrogen-powered car is brilliant. They’re silent and sleek. They’re good for the environment (I mean the emissions are literally just water), and even more than with a Tesla, you feel like you’re part of some exclusive club.

The only time a hydrogen car might be a bit of a liability is, say if your entire state went into hard lockdown, the company that lent you the car shuts down their headquarters for the week meaning there is no way to return it or get your old car back, and the only refuelling station in the whole state is now behind a locked security gate. In that case, you might be forced to incessantly ration your driving time, constantly checking the fuel gauge, paralysed by the fear that you will end up stranded in the middle of nowhere with no earthly way to get the car moving again.

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