Monday, September 28, 2020

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Chad halts lake’s world heritage status request over oil exploration

Chad has asked to suspend an application for world heritage site status for Lake Chad to explore oil and mining opportunities in the region,...

Coronavirus may prove boost for UK’s bees and rare wildflowers

Rare wildflowers and declining bee populations could start to recover during the coronavirus lockdown because many councils are leaving roadside verges uncut, according to...

UK energy efficiency push offers just a third of the investment needed, says report

The government's new plans to upgrade the energy efficiency of homes will make only a fraction of the progress needed to help the UK...

Country diary: how wayside walnuts grew to benefit the community

Rub a walnut leaf between your fingers and it releases an exquisite perfume. Some say the smell is reminiscent of furniture polish, but I...

Revealed: UK banks and investors’ $2bn backing of meat firms linked to Amazon deforestation

British-based banks and finance houses have provided more than $2bn (GBP1.5bn) in financial backing in recent years to Brazilian beef companies which have been...